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Jul 18 2013     Host transfer.
by Kalerath | 8980 Views | 0 Replies
I am currently in the process of transferring the host's server. This will take some time, and hopefully everything will be back up within a couple of days.

EDIT: It is now done.
Jan 05 2011     Halfus Wyrmbreaker is a bitch!
by Gakks | 8542 Views | 1 Reply

But we bitchslapped him in the end. We did struggle long with the tactics but when we finally found what worked for us we used only two tries. The remaining 15 don't count Tongue

Brilliantly enough we were awarded with healing mail loot without having any shaman in the raid Sad Congratulations to Safyria though for our first raid loot.

On a minor note we also killed the Tol Barad boss, congratulations to Avjem and Linklotta for the loot they recieved from there.
Dec 06 2010     Cataclysm hits!
by Gakks | 9116 Views | 2 Replies

Tonight's the night we've been waiting a long time for. Sharpen your blades, mumble those spells, look thougher than a bucketload of iron nails. Let things get electrocuted!
Nov 23 2010     Halion down
by Gakks | 6691 Views | 2 Replies

With the shattering tomorrow it was about time we went for a visit. Thank you WOTLK, welcome Cataclysm.
Sep 06 2010     Lich King down!
by Gakks | 5845 Views | 5 Replies

So it wasn't server first. It still was an achivement to us, it was still nervewrecking. It was the smoothest kill anyone could ever hope for. It was the goose bump moment of this expansion. Aproximently 5 months after we stopped raiding we finally did him with a 30% buff.

It really isn't guild news since it wasn't a guild group, but it was still a mostly guild effort. And it was so brilliant!

A special thanks to all who where there: Mjarn, Tusseladd, Naturligvis, Safyria, Betelgeuse and myself from Voltage - and a special thanks to the friends and friends of friends that were therer for the kill: Superchick, Whipme, Solrackhamul and Gfshammy.

All hail the glorious dead Lich King!
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Voltage is, shortly said:

- 10 man PvE raiding guild.
- Horde.
- Raid 2 nights a week.
- Use Mumble as our VoIP.
- Roll for loot, things can be discussed if something felt wrong after rolling.
- Casualish with progression as target.
- International with english as language.

For recruitment questions please contact Gakks, Mjarn or Superchick ingame.

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